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May Training Picnic ...

During the long weekend in May, I practiced with KORA retrieving from water. My young lady willingly jumped into the water bringing dummy. I had to mind that she would hand the dummies over  to me without shaking water down at me. She managed quite well. At the end of the training, she was given the opportunity to retrieve a dead duck from the water. KORA liked it most.


22.04. 2020

Hey, rapid spring water ...

The weather is getting nicer and nicer so my dogs spend a lot of time walking. English springer spaniels favourite pastime on nice sunny spring days is bathing and taking water games. 


20.03. 2020

We are not bored ....

English springer spaniels love work. To meet their expectations you have to invent various tasks for them. They like working with their nose - searching for lost things, tracking hidden people, energetic playing with a teether and games training their perceptiveness. GOLDY has different character and passion from ELLIS so I have to come up with different tasks for each of them. But they both like when something new happens, so we work and have a good time together.


06.02. 2020

In the fields...

For some time I have been training field work with KORA. My little one  reacts well to the shot, willingly takes the trail of small animals and eagerly retrieves. Her concentration and accuracy are not yet available. She learns readily, mastering new things with ease. By autumn, I hope, she will be working in the fishery.


06.01. 2020

Just training…

An appeal and retrieve are the basis for training a hunting dog. KORA cannot be a hard - working student because she is a bit obstinate and often preoccupied with her interests. But repetitions and patience are the path to success. So we are just training ...