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News 2017

24.12. 2017

Merry Christmas!!

Peaceful Christmas, spent with friends and family, in a warm, family atmosphere, and very lucky days in the upcoming New Year

           Best  wishes from " Zasadkowe Bory " kennel

10.12. 2017

EVITA’s debut at the show…


EVITA FROM EDEN Zasadkowe Bory – our GOLDY’s daughter beautifully made her debut at the National Pedigree Dog Show in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki. Starting in open class, she received excellent grade, I place, and CAC, BB and BOS titles.

Congratulations for the owners of the beautiful bitch on her result and we hope that next year she will appear on the show again!!


26.11. 2017

ELLIS’ success in Kielce...


At two International Dog Shows (2x CACIB) in Kielce on the 24th and 25/11/2017 my beloved ELLIS FROM EDEN Zasadkowe Bory  in beautiful style finished her efforts for the title of Polish Champion  obtaining: 2 x CAC, 2 x BOS and 2 x CACIB.

After one year break NERDA Hubertówka from Parsęta showed up again in the ring - she received in the champion class: excellent 1 and 2 location and CAC and res.CACIB respectively.

I am so proud of my girls.

Apart from ring emotions, the exhibition was also an opportunity to meet many bosom friends. Thank you for a nice time together!

26.11. 2017

 FAMA’s success..

When a long – haired German dog, rare in Poland,  appears on the show, it always arouses interest. The same happened in the case of  FAMA Zasadkowe Bory – my ANKA’s beautiful daughter I met in Kielce at the International Pedigree Dog Show. Participating in two international exhibitions she received excellent marks: 2 x CAC, 2 x CACIB and 2 x BOB.

Congratulations for the owner of the girl, it was your common successful debut in the ring. I wish you further success !!!


27.10. 2017

We are training...

ELLIS is improving her skills in following blood trace.

The paths are getting longer and varied...


16.10. 2017

Beautiful HERA !!

HERA Zasadkowe Bory -  the six-month-old daughter of Nerda Zasadkowe Bory participated in her country Latvia in two national exhibitions: "Valmiera's Autumn 2017" and "Vidzeme's Cup 2017". Starting in puppy class, she received 2 x very promissing note and 2 x Best Puppy in Breed. 

Congratulations for the owners. Tehe little creature is beautiful!!

23.09 2017

GINA of Zasadkowe Bory on test of the work...

GINA of Zasadkowe Bory, my  dear bitch, did very well having received 96 points, diploma first level and location 6/22 at the  Trials for Small Breed Hunting Dogs at Liszewy. Congratulations to the owners for a beautiful result!!! After observing her work on the spot I was very proud of her as a breeder. GINA has grown into a beautiful, expressive bitch with a high passion for hunting.


26.08. 2017

A successful exhibition and nice meeting ...

ELLIS Zasadkowe Bory was very successful today at the National Pedigree Dog Exhibition in Gostynin. I was very proud of my girl. Well done, sweetheart. She won the medal and the cup !! Starting in open class she was awarded CAC, BB, BOB and BOG IV

On the show we were visited by Little HOMER – NERDA’s son. The toddler  is developing fast and is very sociable.


20.08. 2017

HANKA's successful debut ...

This year's NERDA’s kids are already going mad at the shows.

Last weekend HANKA of  Zasadkowe Bory debuted at two shows at the Legnickie Pola - National Race Dog Exhibition and National Hunting Dogs Exhibition. In both events in junior pups class she received a very promising rating,I place., and the Best Junior Puppy  title!!


Congratulations to the owner of a successful debut. We wish you further  success !!


15.08. 2017

Exhibition at Golub Castle

On a beautiful, sunny Sunday we participated with ELLIS in 50 Torun Race Dog Exhibition which took place in the beautiful Golub Dobrzyń Castle. On the show we were visited by a niece with a daughter called Maja, who was cheering for ELLIS in the ring with great animation. ELLIS  did very well and received  the medal and got excellent marks; BB and CAC 


11.08. 2017

Harry's visit

Dear Harry, in August he came to his family's thresholds - he came from Belgium with a hospitable visit. After thorough observation of  Harry's behavior I noticed that he recognized the place  where he was raised, he felt safe and secure. Harry is growing  well, is a perfect swimmer and retriever, is acquiainted with  the basic commands and eagerly comes at the sound of his master’s whistle sound. He is a very nice and smart doggie.


06.08. 2017

Duck season is coming…

We are training before the duck hunt season begins.

30.07. 2017

Busy weekends.

Last fortnight there were dog workshops on my farm . There took place a Handling - fitpaws Weekend and a Retirement Workshop with Ilona Bartosz. Dogs of different races came with their ambitious owners. What a busy time!!!  The dogs left the place tired and the owners, I hope, fully satisfied. :) I was too busy to attend the workshop as they were conducted very professionally.


17.07. 2017

ELLIS at dog shows ..

On the weekend of 15-16 August I went with ELLIS to Gdynia for two dog shows. On the first day our great mood was spoiled by the weather. Just before entering the ring, the wind rose and it started to rain. On the second day the weather was great and so was the mood. 

Here are the results of my bitch ELLIS FROM EDEN Zasadkowe Bory:

National Dog Show Group I, II, III, VIII, IX - Gdynia - 15.07.2017

Received: CAC, BB, BOS ---- Judge Dusko Piljevic (RS)

National Dog Show - Gdynia - 16.07.2017

Received: CAC, BB, BOS - Judge Vanessa Malkmus (DE)


26.06. 2017

Bon voyage, little ones…

I was left by the splendid dozen, the dogs went to their homes in different parts of Poland and Europe. I felt quiet and somehow strange .... Luckily, the doggies are  on their new way of living in their new families ..

24.06. 2017

Gina's great debut !!!


GINA of Zasadkowe Bory – NERDA’s beautiful daughter – had a wonderful debut at the International Race Dog Exhibition in Kołobrzeg - 24.06.2017.

GINA received: Junior Winner, Best Junior, BOB and won the 4th place in finals in Group VII.

Congratulations on the success of the owner Miss Ania, who beautifully presented her!  I'm very proud of your joint performance.

11.06. 2017

ELLIS at the workshop ..

On the second weekend of June I participated with  ELLIS in workshops for Scenthounds  and Bloodhounds organized by the Scenthound Club. We went to the beautiful mountainous areas of Korbielów. ELLIS was working for the first time in a natural fishery, on a track without blood. It was a difficult job, in a difficult mountainous terrain and for our duo a totally new experience for both of us. Time passed quickly, nice and busy but  we learned a lot.


14.05. 2017

Success in ŁÓDŹ ...

Sunday was beautiful, sunny, and pleasant in the company of dog friends at the International  Dog Show in ŁÓDŹ. My two springers looked very well - that's another reason to be happy. :)

ELLIS FROM EDEN Zasadkowe Bory achieved positions: - intermediate - exc.,I place ., CAC, res.CACIB

PIECE OF GOLD Venandi Peritus - champion class - exc., I place, CAC

Referee: Linda Volarikova (SK)

Thank you Dominika Wiśniewska for handling our ELLIS.

Thanks to all my friends for a nice meeting.

25.04. 2017

With the passage of time they are getting bigger and bigger…

Our puppies are gaining on weight very well. They are growing quickly. In the first week of their life an average increase of weight was 460g for one puppy in the litter. It means they doubled their birth weight. At the end of the second week they weighed 1800g on average.

NERDA is a great mother and looks after her babies very carefully. She has enough milk to feed her all twelve gluttens.

Puppies have been given names starting with letter H:



Those interested in puppies from this litter please contact us:

Tel. +48 602 791 415; Mail:


10.04. 2017

Birth of puppies…

Today, on the 10th of April, NERDA became a happy mother for the second time. She gave birth to twelve beautiful brown – haired puppies – six bitches and six doggies. Average birth weight of a puppy in the litter is 440 grams. Mum and puppies are all right. The little ones have excellent appetite, they are strong, creeping crawl find nipples at mum. NERDA is an experienced excellent guardian, loving her newborn babies, affectionately licking and massaging their tummies. She is sensitive to every sound of her splendid twelve. She must have them all in sight. She is a model mother.

The names of the puppies from this litter begin with the letter H.

If you are interested in any doggie from this litter – feel free to contact with us: 

tel. +48 602 791 415 ; mail:



10.04. 2017

A year has passed...

Today NERDA’s puppies from the first litter are one year old. Their owners had surely lived with them a lot of nice and joyful moments. There were also troubles or hard time with them. It’s not possible to avoid it but who can remember it. The most important thing for your four – legged friend is to be healthy, happy and close to You.

This is what I wish you on the First Birthday!!  Many lucky days - GRACE, GINA, GAMMA, GAJA, GORDON, GOMEZ, GABOR, GARRY, GRIM, GROM .


08.04. 2017

GORDON Zasadkowe Bory on field trials...


On Saturday 8th of April there were Field Trials of Pointing Dogs and Small Breed Dogs in Ględy in which took part a dog from my kennel – German short –haired pointing dog GORDON Zasadkowe Bory “Graham”. On attempts the dog did very well and received the Diploma of the first degree with a score of 93/100 loc. 7/15

Congratulations for clever “Graham” and his Lady!!


03.04. 2017

Hound workshops...

Last weekend at my ZASADKI breeding farm took place workshops of hunting dogs. "Active weekend - hunting dogs with Kasia Dąbrowska ". They trained young dogs mainly but not only. There were also those that had  already been introduced to the game, tracking and improving their skills. So many enthusiasts with lovely dogs have never visited my farm before. I’m  very thankful to Paulina and Krzysiek for choosing my farm of ZASADKI as the place of the workshops. 

My springer ELLIS participated in the workshops. She was  particularly good at tracking down blood and trawling and pheasant retrieving .



Puppies are coming …

The time is passing very quickly. NERDA is getting fatter and fatter. The mother –to-be  feels all right and  is in good condition even in the final period of pregnancy.I keep an eye on her as she is not very careful. She would like to run around, jump or swim not paying special attention to her full belly. She seems to be easily getting tired but she thinks she could do everything she used to do before. Especially not considering  her big belly that weighs.

Now we are counting days to her delivering 52, 53, 54 ...


05.03. 2017

New puppies will appear soon.!!!

NERDA is pregnant!!! At the beginning of April we expect wonderful  puppies coming from mating:

Working Champ., Ch.PL., Ch.LT, NOK Moon Eyes x Ch.PL.,Ch.LT, Ch BY. NERDA Hubertówka znad Parsęty.

We hope that entire pregnancy will be running without complication and NERDA will soon become mum for the second time. We are looking forward to seeing little puppies.


28.02. 2017


Pheasant hunting season went on until 28th of February. During this season my dogs took part in hunting several times. It was a good time for them, a time of a good and  useful work. They could take advantage of their hunting passion. Our flutters – GOLDY and ELLIS eagerly flocked to the most dense grasses and bushes to catch and flick the pheasants, and ANKA and NERDA could be admired for their motionless stand-ups and fetching shot down birds. After the period of hard work our dogs are having a short rest time as we are opening the exhibition season soon. 

26.01. 2017

 Let’s hunt ..

In a month the season for pheasants ends so not wasting time we went hunting with  NERDA . There were lots of cocks and hens so many dogs could demonstrate their ability at work. Birds are hidden in the grass, reeds and thickets and without the dogs they could not be found. Our NERDA put pheasants on display and flushed them out with great passion. I love her concentrated long stand-ups especially when she freezes at one point following the scent . She also retrieved birds with full engagement and joyfully fetched them to me. Hunting is her element !!


10.01. 2017

Hu hu ha… our winter is evil !!!

We are not afraid of winter. In winter we practice and have fun.

When night temperatures drop down to minus  20 degrees Celsius and in the day to - 14 C, when the snow falls, frost bites noses and fingers freeze, we don’t sit in a warm house, but we usually go with our dogs for long joyful walks. Doggies don’t freeze because they can run very fast, kicking around young pine trees, jumping over fallen tree trunks and even slide on frozen ponds. When the temperature goes up, a lot of time we spend on social games and practising the retrieve. ANKA, NERDA, GOLDY and ELLIS like fetching and they have a lot of fun during the play.