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The beginning of the   Zasadkowe Bory kennel  was  with TAJGA, the Weimaraner  bought from the  Szara Sfora kennel. The bitch appeared at our place when she was only two months old. She was intended to fulfil  my husband’s  hunting interests.  When she got older, thanks to her  superb  personality, she became a good hunting companion and a real friend of our family .  Tajga brought up two wonderful litters of puppies. Her progeny was with good temperament,  vitality and strong will, needed for improving hunting passion.

In 2012  Zasadkowe Bory gained two new breeds of hunting dogs.  We got ANKA  v.d. Aussenweide -  a German long – haired pointing dog from a German kennel, and  NERDA, - a charming  German short – haired pointing bitch  from  the Polish kennel Hubertówka znad Parsęty .

In June 2013  another bitch joined  our pack of hounds. It was PIECE OF  GOLD Venandi Peritus – English springer spaniel.
The whole dog family lives in the rural  area at the Zasadki farm, surrounded by fields, ponds and woods. The place has got wonderful development conditions for many different groups of animals. There occur numerous species of wild birds of prey, deer, elks, rabbits, wild pigs and even moose. Such nearness of these  riches of nature is useful for training my dogs.

I am trying to keep the puppies from my breeding farm in good shape –  good appearance and wonderful personality passed on with genes, as well as useful hunting dog predispositions. That is why  I choose for mating partners coming from good breeding lines,  perfectly shaped with distinguished certified features.
My breed bitches are trained for hunting. They stay both at home and in their boxes. They are nice and friendly in contact with people. They accompany us in our everyday life, as they are members of our family.

The  Zasadkowe Bory kennel was established in 2006 and it is registered in the Polish Kennel Club , member of FCI. If You are interested in our puppies don’t hesitate to contact us on telephone or mail.


                                                                                                                                       Hanna Ciemiecka

                                                                                                                                       Zasadkowe Bory