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News 2018

25.12. 2018

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09.09. 2018

Another workshop for hunting dogs ...

On September 6th to 9th September, the Workshop of the Zasadki took place “September active weekend with a hunting dog". Five participants with their canine friends took part in them. The program was very rich and included obedience, putting off, retrieving from land and water, and the basis for tracking. I would like to thank the workshop staff for their commitment, joint work and nice atmosphere. It was really bang – on! !!!


25.08. 2018

Duck hunting ..

NERDA likes hunting very much, but the hunt for ducks gives her the greatest joy. We hunted ducks on several water tanks. The area was not easy - rushes, reed and water. The ducks were vigilant and we were not always able to approach them to make a good shot. NERDA retrieved the fallen birds with passion, searched the tanks and beaten for ducks. It was pleasant to watch her working.


12.08. 2018

GRACE visits her mother...

We had the great pleasure of hosting Daniel and his mother, Mirela, who came all the way from Romania to my training "With a dog on a rural vacation". They came with GRACE Zasadkowe Bory  NERDA’s daughter from the first litter and her home friend Laura. It was an amazing meeting. I remembered the little GRACE I sent to a distant country three years ago. I was full of anxiety about how she would handle the transport, how she would feel. Now I see a beautiful adult bitch  and her wonderful owners who devote a lot of time to her and give her a lot of heart. I am very happy...


12.08. 2018

"With a dog on a rural vacation"

In the period of 09-12.08, in the area of my Farm of Zasadki there was held  holiday dog training called "With a dog on a rural vacation". Nine great human-dog teams took part in it. Some participants came along with family members who also participated in the classes. It was nice and funny, there was something for everyone. The dogs trained obedience, worked with their noses looking for people and in the yard during brainwork exercises. They also covered the obstacle course. The day was filled up with activity but after classes there was also time to relax in the ponds and on the green grass and some time to grill together. Everyone did very well and two four-month-old puppies NEL and LUDZIK earned for cups and got thunderous applause !!



17.06. 2018

FAMA ZASADKOWE BORY a Champion of Poland !!

Next German long - haired pointer from our kennel is Champion of Poland !!

FAMA Zasadkowe Bory at the International Dog Show CACIB Krakow - 16/06/2018, received: CAC, CACIB, BOB, finishing in a beautiful style efforts to become Polish Champion.

Judge - Istvan Nagy (SRB)

Congratulations to the owner - Sebastian !!!

03.06. 2018

"June active weekend with a hunting dog"

On 31.05-03.06 I organized workshops for hunting dogs at my Farm Zasadki. Six wonderful dogs improved their skills in the area of appeal, ice and water retrieving, putting down and the basics of tracking the blood. It was a time of intense work in many disputes in the hot, almost tropical weather. A lot of things was going on ... The participants were in good mood despite their weariness !!! It was nice to work with pleasure with such a great group. Four very busy days quickly passed by. Workshop participants left with a new experience supply.


22.04. 2018

Beautiful exhibition weekend of my doggies!!

National Dog Show in Inowrocław 22.04.18:

NERDA Hubertówka znad Parsęty - CWC, BB, BOB and in the finals of BOG III

ELLIS FROM EDEN Zasadkowe Bory received - CWC, BB, BOB and in the finals of BOG II

Judges - Milena Seidel and Leszek Siejkowski.

At the finals NERDA was wonderfully presented by Mr. Marek Szrejter

National Dog Show in Grudziądz 21.04.18

  ELLIS FROM EDEN of Zasadkowe Bory - CWC, BB, BOS

With judge: Viva Maria Soleckyj Szpunar

Thank you to my friends and acquaintances for great support!

21.04. 2018

My wonderful ones!!!

With great joy I want to boast about the great show achievements of NERDA’s children:

HERA Zasadkowe Bory participated in two National Dog Shows in Riga – on the 20th  and 21st of April. On Saturday at the "Reto Winner'2018", in the junior class she received the excellent note, place I, JCAC and BB -3; while on Sunday at the "Reto Trophy 2018"  HERA received an excellent note: I, JCAC, BB-2; The obtained results together with the earlier ones at the international show gave her the title of Junior Champion of Latvia.

HOMER  Zasadkowe Bory at the National Dog Show in Grudziądz (CAC) 21/04/2018 in junior class got excellent, place I, Junior Winner, JBOB .

Big congratulations for the owners !!!

I am proud of my kids !!!

10.04. 2018

HOMER at mom’s ...

On Saturday morning, there came to my kennel HOMER – NERDA’s one year old son. Such a nice surprise was made by Homer's owners in connection with his birthday. But our dogs change quickly !!!. Now Homer is a beautifully built young dog who moves with an elegant long pace. I am glad that he has the opportunity to work during hunting. HOMER’s owners care about his comprehensive development. Lucky him ...

10.04. 2018

Best wishes!!!

Today - on the10th of April NERDA’s children from the H litter are just one year old!!!


These little puppies once had grown into beautiful "canine - teenagers". I am happy that they meet the expectations and requirements of their owners and are happy to learn new skills. Some of them have the opportunity to develop a hunting passion accompanying their guardians in the preserve, others are home guards or they lazy about on the couch, but all have gone to great families. I wish you to be always happy with your four-legged friends and that they would love you with a huge dog’s heart.


18.03. 2018

Invitation to the workshop !!

 I invite you to a workshop training for hunting dogs of various breeds in obedience of the basic so-called appeal with elements of tracking blood and fetching.

Date 31.05-03.06.2018 (June weekend)



The offer is addressed to all owners of hunting dogs who are not necessarily hunters but who want to:

1) bring up their dog friend well

2) give a good basis for further thematic training of individual groups of hunting dogs, whether in the field of work in the preserve or in the field of hunting trials and competitions.

The training includes - a bit of theory and a lot of practice:

1. dog's concentration on the guide in various distracting situations

2. following the guide, walking on the leash to heel in various terrain conditions and dispersal (field, forest, etc.)

3. commands - sit down, lie down

4. learning to recall successfully

5. learning the dog to put away

6. basics of work on the trail path

7. artificial appeals (dummy) from land and water

8. playing with a dog - building a positive relationship between a guide and a dog friend.

At the end of the workshop training, a summary and analysis of the work of each individual dog is planned. Each of the guides will receive tips for further independent work.

Classes will be held in groups of several people, there are several sessions per day. Details will be discussed at the organizational meeting during the first day of training. Individual sessions will take place in various terrains and in various dispersions (fenced area, meadow, forest, shed, hall).

Participants of the course will be accommodated in a building within the Zasadki Farm, in double rooms. At guests' disposal are: kitchen with fridge and basic equipment, gazebo with grill, billiards and table tennis.

Leader Hanna Ciemiecka. More information and applications: tel 602 791 415, email:


28.02. 2018

The end of hunting season ..

Another feather hunting season is over. For my pointers and fliers this is a great time in which they can be proven as dogs working in the preserve and strengthen their functional features passed down in the genes. The hunting period is always preceded by intensive training to prepare for hunting. Only trained dogs can actually behave in a shoot properly and serve a hunter well.


22.01. 2018

Ho, ho, ho, winter isn’t bad for our dogs…

In January, a lot of snow fell in our neighbourghood. The joy of my girls was enormous. Crazy winter games, chasing, digging tunnels in snow, rolling, catching white flakes and eating white fluff – how not to love such walks !!