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News 2013

15.12. 2013

NERDA Hubertówka znad Parsęty
(ARCHE Keiviento x FIONA Kajminia)

at Amsterdam CACIB International Best Show – Winner of the Netherlands 2013, competed at intermediate class,  gained

2 x CAC, CACIB, BOS, and the title of the WINNER of the Netherlands 2013.

She was successfully presented by Iwona Porębska and refereed by Tuus van Adrichem Boogaert – Kwint.

20.09. 2013

NERDA Hubertówka znad Parsęty,

our  German short - haired pointing bitch ,

got a diploma with the title of JUNIOR CHAMPION of POLAND

26.06. 2013

Our German long – haired pointing dog

 ANKA v.d. Aussenweide

got a diploma with the title of JUNIOR CHAMPION of POLAND

16.06. 2013

 PIECE OF GOLD Venandi Peritus

 a two months old bitch, appeared at our place. It is an English springer spaniel.

The little creature, coming from the kennel of Monika Węgrocka,  became the apple of our eyes straight away.

27.04. 2013

At OHZ in Grodno there took place Working Tests for Pointers and Hunting Dogs of Small Breeds.

We presented our two bitches – ANKA v.d. Aussenweide and NERDA Hubertówka znad Parsęty.

ANKA – Deutsch Langhaar - got 90 points and First Range diploma

NERDA – Deutsch Kurzhaar – got 79 points  and Second Range diploma