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News 2015

24.12. 2015

Happy Christmas!!!

Best Christmas wishes to all my friends and acquaintances. A lot of health and happiness in everything you take up, many good ideas and excellent results of your projects.

Happy New Year. Let it bring you joy and benefits in everything you do. Let it be better than the previous year.

Happy Christmas

30.11. 2015

NERDA – the New Belarus Champion!!!

The last weekend of November (28 and 29.11.2015) we together with NERDA spent in Belarus. Just at the border we could feel we were in a bit “different world”.  Despite this feeling everything there was interesting and catching. We were heading to two International Dog Shows CACIB in Minsk (BELARUS and AUTUMN).

NERDA started in Champion class and received 2 x CAC and 2x res. CACIB. The judges were: Kuzelj Denis (BG) and Magdalena Świętoń (PL).

NERDA came back home with the title of Belarus Champion.

I’m proud of my sweet NERDA

23.11. 2015


The first DRAGO’s show, and the success…

At the International  Dog Show in Kielce, which took place on the 23th of November, our  German long – haired pointing dog DRAGO Zasadkowe Bory, starting in open class, got: excellent, I place, CAC, CACIB, and won comparision to a bitch and got the title -The Best of Breed – BOB.

DRAGO’s success is appreciated more as it was his first exhibition at present. DRAGO  is described as a dog with good and balanced personality. He got along very well with company of many dogs staying at the exhibition hall.

Congratulations to the owner -  Mr Tomasz because of this excellent dog!!!  

I believe that this good start will make You eager to show DRAGO at many dog shows.

German long – haired pointing dogs are worth to be shown.There are so few such dogs in Poland. 


09.11. 2015

ANKA’s daughter’s success…

Young DORIS Zasadkowe Bory (( Ugo vom Sammenhof & Anka v.d Aussenweide) at the International Dog Show - Poznań 2015, starting  in intermediate class  won: excellent , CAC, BOB and Poland Winner

Wonderful result!!! Congratulations for the owners!!! I’m proud of my sweet bitch achievements.

I was happy to see DORIS and her wonderful owners in Poznań.


09.11. 2015

Poznań – not only a show …

Saturday and Sunday of 7 and 8 of November we spent in Poznań with NERDA and ELLIS at the International Dog Show. Those were the days of meeting many intimate and old friends. We had an opportunity to see their beloved pets and to talk about „dogs business”. 

For NERDA it was another big show but  little ELLIS  was in such a numerous dogs gathering for the first time. Poznań is always visited by many dogs coming from Poland and from abroad. This  year tere were about two thousand dogs. 

My little ones did their work  in rings very well: 

NERDA Hubertówka znad Parsęty – champion class – 2 x excellent, 1 x CAC

ELLIS FROM EDEN Zasadkowe Bory – minor puppy class – 2 x very promising, 2 x Best Minor Puppy.

Well done, little ELLIS – you were brave!!!


05.10. 2015

ELLIS’ exhibition debut…

 Yesterday our little ELLIS FROM EDEN Zasadkowe Bory had a wonderful debut at Hunting- dogs National Show in Solec Kujawski – 4.10.2015.  Starting in junior puppie class she won against an older bitch and received very promising and I place. In addition to this she got a diploma and a beautiful rosette as ELLIS was the youngest dog of the exhibition. That Day she was 4 months and a day old. 

ANKA  v.d. Aussenweide – German long – haired pointing dog - also took part in the exhibition – she received excellent  result.


03.10. 2015

Duck hunting…

At the last weekend of September I went duck hunting with NERDA for the first time in her life. With a group of hunters we went to a small lake with an islet and silently waited for rally of ducks. First ducks flew about 8 p.m. and the next ones appeared in short time distances. NERDA’s task was gathering shot ducks from the lake, rushes and the bank. She did her job very well. Not only she brought shot dead ducks but also searched  rushes for a shot but living duck at dusk. She couldn’t catch the duck at the lake as it dove and under water managed to reach rushes and hid in the thick bushes around. Fortunately she  got the duck when it was getting to the bank. She caught a living duck and gave it to me. I’m proud of my doggie. In reward for good hunting work we got two ducks. I have no photo from that evening hunt. The said two ducks spent the night at our balcony so in the morning I could take a photo of my NERDA – a souvenir photo of hunting. ? ?


03.10. 2015

ELISKA’s  socializing walk…

One pretty Saturday afternoon, after dog’s kindergarten, we rushed with our charge for a socializing walk. It’s impossible to describe how happy our puppies were. They ran, chased one after another, rolled around on the grass or sand madly, jumped on distance and by, they beamed with the energy. This walk was a great experience for ELLIS. Tired but happy she came back home. There were waiting for her new surprises – preparing for the first exhibition i.e. her first bath, combing and drying her coat… That day was full of different sensations for her…


17.09 2015

Meeting with sister in a „dog kindergarten”


At the end of September  ELLIS started attending „dog kindergarten”. At the beginning of school activities she could meet all the attendants together with her sister ELMA. After joyful welcome of sisters we started lessons. The puppies were taught to walk at heel, execute the command to sit and concentration. They looked into trainers’ eyes and ran up when they heard them calling. During the break there was some free time for play and rest. Whole lessons were spontaneous, dynamic and gay – such are lessons organized by Cheerful Paw (Wesoła Łapka).


13.09. 2015

DRAGO Zasadkowe Bory took up an attempt of work.

On Sunday the13th of September our ANKA’s  v.d. Aussenweide son DRAGO took part in II Skierniewice Pointer Attempts of Work. He finished his attempt with a very good result and received I Degree Diploma, 92 points and the 3rd position.  I am very satisfied with .an official confirmation of hunting predispositions of one of the dogs from my kennel. The rate of starting dogs was high. Most of the dogs results were unfortunately poor – only six diplomas were awarded and the rest of the dogs didn’t pass the attempt of work.

DRAGO did well and gained IIIrd place on the podium!!!


06.09. 2015

ELLIS is staying with me…

Decision is done, my beautiful ELLIS is staying in my kennel!!!

GOLDY’s daughter captivated my heart not only by her grace and loveliness but also her wonderful springer nature. She is clever, brave and joyful. She listens eagerly and learns quickly and easily. She has a good sense of smell, is interested in pheasants and Rother birds – it’s possible she will become a good hunting dog – the time will show.

ELLIS FROM EDEN Zasadkowe Bory has joined the group of my kennel. I’m very happy, indeed.


31.08. 2015

We are just happy…


One pretty sunny Sunday, it was on the 30th of August I, together with NERDA, took part in an International Dog Show in Białystok – in the heart of beautiful Podlasie. The show was prepared very well, rings were spacious and atmosphere was very nice. 

There were reported for the evaluation seven German short – haired pointing dogs (3 dogs and 4 bitches).

Mr. Norman Deschuymere of Belgium was the judge. 

The evaluation was a great success for us – my bitch NERDA HUBERTÓWKA znad Parsęty won in breed and got BOB, CACIB and CAC.

I am very happy and proud of my NERDA.


28.08. 2015

Jolly sisters ELLIS and EVITA are looking for new homes…


Two little bitches coming from PIECE OF GOLD “Goldy” & IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING “Fuks” litter are looking for new loving families. They are very nice, with good proportion and have pretty heads strong bones and attractive coat. The bitches are of pleasant disposition. They like playing, getting to know new situations. They are brave. 

They experienced the first walk in the city on the leash. They were great! 

They live in domestic conditions. Every day they have outdoor activities. They are getting used to different kind noise, other animals, especially with adult dogs, and they can play with children.

I believe that these doggies,raised properly, will be wonderful family dogs, faithful companions in play or hunt and even participants of dog sport competitions. 

They deserve loving owners and good homes!!!

Feel free to visiting my kennel. You’re welcome.

Contact: tel. +48 602 791 415 ; mail:




27.08 2015


Puppies ELLIS and EVITA are on the first walk in the city…

After visiting the vet who had vaccinated our doggies for the third time, we went for a short walk in the city. It  was an early evening and the traffic was slight. There were cars of different size in the streets, motors and bicycles passing by. The doggies were interested in new surroundings. Bravely and cheerfully they merged with traffic. I was really surprised especially because they were walking  on the leash for the first time in their life! Passers-by paid attention to them walking on, waving their tails  by way of greeting.

I was proud of my little springer spaniels!



13.08. 2015

Those aunts...

Three little springer bitches still remaining in my kennel like playing with adult pointers NERDA and ANKA. With  a certain shyness they approach their aunts and gently try to catch their attention.  They feel respect for long – legged, strange older springer spaniels. At first the aunts snuff the little ones and then they invite them for running across the yard and  playing together. Only our senior dog TAJGA escapes from the doggies biting her legs with sharp teeth. It’s not easy for her to get rid of playful toddlers. In such situations it’s me who enters the game.


10.08. 2015

Retrievers workshops

From 5th to 9th of August I took part in retrievers workshops organized by Dogs Passion.  Those were four days of intensive training for  both dogs and their trainers. The dogs were trained for hunting at different levels of  advancement.  Each participant could learn a lot about potential of the dog and how to guide a dog. The dogs were trained in: retrieving from the land, water, rushes;  olfactory tracking dragged things; learning obedience – appeal. Apport was natural and artificial (feather, sedge). There’s a lot of work to do to practise and develop new skills.
I thank the organizers of the workshops Monika Warszawa and Tomasz Warszawa, trainers Marek Rogoż and Krzysztof Grabarczyk for their valuable tips, comments and suggestions. Those were the days of good work.

29.07. 2015


The puppies are leaving for new homes !

Two months of puppies lives passed by very quickly. There came the time of farewells and departures for new homes. It was a hard time for baby dogs, the time of leaving beloved mommy, brothers and sisters.  Stress always accompanies separation but it soon ends. The doggies start a new stage of life, they face new difficulties, they learn new things and they  grow into  new families.  They  give their full warm dog’s hearts to their new owners. They start to be  the new companions , indispensable guides in life.

We wish our doggies  new owners  a lot of good time with them. Let them grow to be  wonderful, wise and  faithful dogs.

22.07. 2015

Breeding overview  of the litter E

On Wednesday 22.07.2015 in our kennel  there was a survey of our bitch English springer spaniel GOLDY’s litter. My friendly doggies welcomed the committee members  with joy. They had no reason for fear or stress (they were chipped the day before) so they greeted  them as if they were visiting them.  The committee members liked our doggies very much and drew up a protocol of the litter survey.

11.07. 2015

NERDA at the Warsaw International  Show of Dogs.

On Saturday  in the hippodrome there was an International Show of Dogs (CACIB).  The dogs were evaluated by many foreign judges. NERDA competed in Champion class.  She presented herself nicely,  ran with elegance, wagging her tail happily. She was qualified to be compared with most beautiful bitches in the breed. Unfortunately we didn’t win but , what is very important,  we got a wonderful  description and we provided a harmonious team.

We stepped down the platform with excellent evaluation, position I , CWC/CAC.
The judge:  Józef Jursa (SK).

08.07 2015

We are five weeks old just now.

The puppies are growing faster and faster. There are changes in the looks and personality as well. They still wake up in the middle of the night as they are always hungry. They are healthy, joyful and very fearless and brave in exploring the world. They feel certain in presence of their mother, however. They start to take independent individual walks. They like to be together, to share the play together, to struggle together, growl together…
They are sociable and sweet, indeed.


01.07. 2015

Puppies from litter – FROM EDEN have got the names!!!

There has come the time to give names to GOLDY’s children. The litter was called FROM EDEN and all the puppies have got the names starting from the letter E. The doggies were photographed during the ceremony, each of them has received a special photo album on FB ( Since now new photos of each doggy will be added to the album.

27.06. 2015

Tajga is eleven years old now!!!

On the 27th of June my beloved weimaraner Tajga Szara Sfora is eleven years old. Thank you, my dear doggie, for the years we have spent together. Thank you for your absolute faithfulness and utter friendship. Thank you for being close to me for so many years. I wish you to live a happy and healthy life with us in our family.

24.06. 2015

We are three weeks old!!!

GOLDY and FUKS’s children are three weeks today. As time goes by very quickly, the puppies are growing enjoying our eyes. They opened their eyes some time ago, they bark in a funny way, now they are teething and they are a real  nuisance for their mother. Goldy patiently tolerates her puppies sharp teeth but shortly she will be escaping from her pressing doggies. They will receive their first solid food soon – how different from milk they are used to.
The puppies are beautiful, each of them has got different pattern of dark brown spots. The spots look almost black in the photographs.
Now I am looking for good and responsible owners for these marvellous toddlers.

If you are interested in them, don’t hesitate to contact with us:

tel: +48 602 791 415 ; mail:

07.06 2015

We have a new JUNIOR CHAMPION...

Yesterday on  7.06.2015, our  long haired German pointer  DORIS Zasadkowe Bory presented herself at the National  Dogs Show in Racibórz and won the title of Junior Champion, the Best Junior in breed (BOB). Thus she entered  the competition to the POLISH JUNIOR CHAMPION.

We are very happy and congratulate the owners!!!

03.06 2015

We’ve got puppies!!!

3.06.2015 GOLDY gave birth to nine healthy and perfect puppies. In the litter there are six bitches and three dogs. Mother and her children are all right.  Little puppies  ate colostrum and they constantly want to eat. It is a good sign encouraging  mother to continuous production of milk to feed such a large bunch of puppies. GOLDY must produce a lot of milk. We hope the puppies will grow up very well under control of vigilant mother.
More information  about the litter can be found in the bookmark PUPPIES and about GOLDY in OUR DOGS.
If you are interested in our puppies from this litter, don’t hesitate to contact  us: tel. +48 602 791 415 , mail:

11.05 2015

GOLDY is going to have babies!!!

GOLDY and FUKS’s love affair has proved very fruitful. Goldy will be a mother!!! In USG photo

there are seen little bubbles with embryos. It is  multiple pregnancy but we don’t know how

many puppies we should expect. Although it is the fifth week of pregnancy GOLDY is still very

active, she runs across the fields and swims in the pools. She has gained weight a little. For

the last week she has lost her appetite so she has become fastidious. Well, we need to

pamper her if we want her puppies to develop and grow up healthy.



09.05 2015

Tajga's daughter's visit..

On Sunday we had nice visitors. There came Bejjra, Tajga’s daughter, together with her human family. I remember her being a sweet little creature, happy troublemaker with a green ribbon on her neck. I was curious what she looks like as an adult bitch. It has been six years since her birthday and her departure from home. Despite the passage of time Bejjra has kept childish gaiety and spontaneous energy. She greeted us  happily as if she remembered us. We went with her for a spring walk. She ran willingly for a stick. I took some photos of hers. Bejjra is an elegant young bitch, well balanced so she looks very nice on  the photographs. Tajga was very content with her daughter’s arrival. She greeted her very friendly and played with her despite her distinguished age. It was obvious she was very fond of Bejjra. Or they remember each other? We, people, think it is impossible but who knows...

04.05 2015

Litter D is one year old…

Today Anka and UGO’s puppies are one year old.
I remember the day of birth of this wonderful litter D. Each puppy was unique anf they formed the  group of great bunch of troublemakers. I also recall moments of parting with the doggies with true sentiment, moments of leaving us for their new homes. I was anxious if they would be happy in their new life, with new masters. I have to say that they all have been lucky. They have got wonderful homes with gorgeous masters who really love them.
I believe that DORIS, DENIS, DEVIL, DONN, DONAR, DRAGO, DEXTER, DIDŻEJ, DINO repay the love they got with their great dog’s heart and  priceless friendship.
I wish all the owners of the one-year-old dogs a lot of nice moments spent in the company of a faithful Pointer.
Below there are photographs of the dogs from  Doris to Dino , respectively.

More photographs in the Gallery.


25.04 2015

A successful Czech attempt…

On Saturday the 25th of April NERDA Hubertówka znad Parsęty took up an attempt of work Zkousky Vloh  ( ZV )  with very good result. It was organized in Meziroli,  district of Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic. NERDA got 218 points, Ic., nose 4.

NERDA was really wonderful !!!


24.04 2015

Spring, warmer winds are blowing …

Taking advantage of the beautiful  weather I went with ANKA and GOLDY to see round our farm. The girls were having a wonderful time looking for mice and lizards. It was difficult to break them away from such a funny activity so I had to blow the whistle to reprimand them and force them to cringe. The spring made them crazy. To moderate their vivacity I took my bitches to the ponds. Contact with cold water was the best remedy – ANKA and GOLDY went back home much quieter.
After a short break our GOLDY was quite eager to practise retrieving a wooden apport.

31.03. 2015

Goldy and Fuks’s love affair

In the first week of April we and our GOLDY went to the south of Poland to visit a handsome companion FUKS. The meeting was very romantic. The dogs fell in love with each other at first sight!!!
We hope their love affair will be fruitful.

In for weeks it could be confirmed by usg examination if GILDY is pregnant.
More information is available in website bookmark PUPPIES – planned litter

Lordsett IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING  "Fuks" x PIECE OF GOLD Venandi Peritus "Goldy"


22.03. 2015

Junior Champion

At  the International Dog Show in Katowice (20 – 22.03.2015) DORIS Zasadkowe Bory – our ANKA v.d. Aussenweide and UGO’s vom Sammenhof  daughter - received the title of Junior Champion and Winner of Breed BOB.
Congratulations for the owners of beautiful DORIS!!!


10.02 2015

A new Champion in our kennel…

Our German long – haired pointing dog ANKA v.d.Aussenweide, bought a puppy from a German kennel, today has earned the title of POLISH CHAMPION and a diploma.

ANKA is a well – built bitch with beautiful exterier appreciated by many judges at many shows. She has achieved the title of Polish Junior Champion, Winner of Poland and she has got an appointment for CRUFTS 2015.

ANKA is  also a good hunting companion annd a good family dog.

This year we plan another litter from our ANKA.


07.02 2015

ANKA and DENIS on the hunt!!!

Today ANKA has met her sonny DENIS Zasadkowe Bory on the hunt. It’s so nice to see two dog generations working together. There were lots of pheasants there so the dogs could show their hunting skills. Our  ten months old keen DENIS did very well at his first hunting in his life. After finishing the work and many retrievings there was time for gay family play.

02.02 2015

Hunting with a springer…

You can regret you haven’t seen an English springer spaniel on the hunt.
The dogs are wonderful hunter companions. Thanks to their splendid coat they can be also very decorative at hunting.
Last weekend „GOLDY” for the first time took part  in two big pheasant huntings. She fetched the birds with pleasure and enthusiasm. Hunting with her is a real pleasure!!!

26.01 2015



The weekend of 23 – 25.01.2015 was very busy for our ESS „Goldy” PIECE OF GOLD Venandi Peritus.  She worked hard taking part in three International Shows  (3 x CAC and 3 x CACIB) in the capital of Bulgaria. She looked magnificent and got perfect evaluation from judges from different countries (Bulgaria, Israel and Croatia), it means:
3 x CAC, 3 x BOB and 3 x CACIB and as a consequence she receiver the title of CHAMPION of BULGARIA.

We are happy with the results of „Goldy"

24.01 2015

NERDA on the hunt…

This sunny Saturday I took part in group hunting with NERDA. There were a lot of pheasants at the shoot. NERDA felt just in her element. She worked spontaneously, bringing shot birds. She found tchem hurt in thich shrubbery and among the trees of young forest. It was a great pleasure to watch her working so hard. I was proud of my dear btch. Other hunters called her MODEL as she worked with charm and was eager to sit for a photo.  This is my NERDA!!!


17.01 2015


DONAR has got a new home…   

Lately DONAR has been lucky!. Yesterday evening he went with his new master to his hunting house. He had to wait for his master very long. Since then his life would change a lot. At first everything will be new – a new people family, dog friends, place, fields, forests… But soon he will find the place new but friendly. I hope DONAR will love his new masters with his full dog’s heart.
I wish our DNAR to meet all expectations of the new owners. I hope he will be helpful at hunting and a real friend of the whole family.

Below there are some photos of 8 months old DONAR just before going to his new home…


11.01 2015


...and the first success!!! On the Fifth Carnival Dog Show in Gdańsk today (11.01.2015) our bitch "Goldy" PIECE OF GOLD Venandi Peritus received perfect assessment and took I place, CWC/CAC, NDS, BOS.

GOLDIE presented herself very well. She moved easily and gaily,she was full of charm. After the exhibition she got a huge beef ear as a prize.

05.01 2015


The first weekend of the year we spent in a nice and high atmosphere with splendid people and their superb dogs. There appeared Archie (Nerda’s father), Zico, Cyrus and Aliss. Our party strolled a lot on the fields and forests nearby – the dogs chased about, jumped, they were just in paradise. Although the temperature was much over normal in the season, it was cold and wet, the wind was quite strong. The dogs didn’t pay attention though. ARTA and NERDA weren’t afraid of freezing cold water in the ponds covered with thin ice. In a moment they just had an idea – let’s take a swim. Swimming in such cold water isn’t nice at all so they had to jump out of the pond. Having come home later we could dry our dogs and have a nice evening with them together.