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Yes, yes, yes!!! Here they are.

Our lovely long – haired German pointers came into the world on the 13th of May. This is the third and the last litter of our ANKA. Five doggies and three bitches were born - all brown, some with white tassels and socks. ANKA takes good care of her children, she is a tender and caring mother. She feeds them, licks their tummies and is sensitive to all their squeals.

The father of the puppies is a Czech dog with German origin - WALTER of Mechov. It is a beautiful male with a strong construction, very useful. He is the winner of first prizes in many international hunting competitions (K. Podhajski, K. Slimak, R Knoll).

Don’t miss the opportunity of booking puppies after ANKA and WALTER !!

tel: 602 791 415, mail:


08.05. 2019

Garden party.

"Eyes open, we see the world; open ears, we hear mom approaching us; we hear the sounds:  from the television watched by our lady;  the vacuum cleaner making noise, which we are a bit afraid of, and many other sounds, interesting and dangerous. nothing is threatening us. "The puppies are 3 weeks old, they are getting happier and happier, they have even been playing with each other. They walk slowly, carefully but when the mother appears in the play pen, there is a great confusion. Each of them tries to be as fast as possible while taking a boob. They spend a lot of time outside when the weather is nice. Some puppies like to sleep under an umbrella on the grass, while others prefer to take a sleep  in their lair taken outside.


17.04. 2019

ELLIS has become a mother !!!

I am happy to inform you about the birth of ELLIS and SAM’s puppies. On April the 17th , 7 puppies were born - five females and two males. Mom feels good, little ones are healthy and very mobile. They loudly demand constant "adoration" – again and again they are hungry. In the intervals between sucking  milk they fell asleep and give the tired mother a bit of rest.

More information about this litter can be read in the puppies section - current litters.

Feel free to make a reservation of the puppies.

09.04. 2019

ANKA got pregnant...

I would like to inform you that  ANKA and WALTER  meeting was fruitful - an ultrasound examination confirmed pregnancy. Puppies are to come into the world around mid-May, this year.


19.03. 2019

ELLIS will be a mother ...

We are pleased to inform you that we have confirmed ELLIS with a multiple pregnancy. SAM and ELLIS’  puppies will be born around April the 15th .


15.03. 2019

ANKA and WALTER  - romantic meeting

Beautiful Walter really took our ANKA’s fancy. She fell in love with him just at first sight. Their last meeting took place three years ago. The final result of that meeting was giving birth to puppies. Now we are also expecting tiny German long-haired pointing doggies.


14.02. 2019

Valentine Day…

Our sweet ELLIS FROM EDEN Zasadkowe Bory met enchanting Beresford WILD WEST HERO. Now we are looking forward to little Valentine happy news ...


05.02. 2019

ELLIS’  achievements in Moldova …

On Wednesday, January 30, I wentt with ELLIS and a group of friends to  three International Dog Shows FCI - CACIB Moldova. The whole trip was full of unforgettable adventures. The route led through holes in unpaved Ukrainian and Moldovan roads to the capital of Moldova, Chisinau. On Friday, the 1st of February, we arrived there. On the same day in the evening the first international exhibition took place. There, for the first time, we could experience  cordial, Moldovan hospitality - we were greeted with excellent domestic wine. On Saturday, ELLIS participated in two foreign and international exhibitions with the qualification for Crufts. On Sunday, an international exhibition took place.

At all of these exhibitions, our springer ELLIS FROM EDEN Zasadkowe Bory performed magnificently.

As a result, she won the title of Champion of Moldova, Grand Champion of Moldova, Champion of Besarabia and qualified for CRAFTS 2020.

Ellis' results from three International Dog Shows FCI -CACIB Moldova and one National Show CAC on 01, 02, 03 February 2019:

3 x CACIB, 4 x BOB, 4 x CAC, 2x BOG II, 1x BOG I, 1x BIS IV and Crafts Certificate.

Thank you to the judges: Valentyna Shemetiuk, Tatiana Vostrih, Ludmila Lavrova, Tatiana Urek, for appreciating my dog.

In this beautiful way, ELLIS has completed her efforts to become the International Show Champion (C.I.E.)